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Blue Ridge Asset Management Acquires Multi-Family Apartment Complex in Clemson, SC

Clemson, SC – Sept 28, 2023 – Blue Ridge Asset Management, a prominent real estate and investment firm, is thrilled to announce its latest acquisition: a 16-unit multi-family apartment complex located in the heart of Clemson, SC. Founder and Managing Director, Taylor Vick, remarked, “This is not just an investment in property; it’s an investment in relationships. The deal was truly driven by the long-standing connections and friendships I’ve had with the seller, the broker, and the lender. It is a testament that real estate is more about relationships than bricks and sticks. It is perfectly in line with the vision of Blue Ridge: ‘Provide unique investment opportunities with the most personalized investor experience.’” Blue Ridge Asset Management’s vision for the newly acquired complex involves multiple potential avenues, highlighting the firm’s flexibility and innovative approach. The primary consideration is converting the apartment units into townhouses and offering them for sale as individual residences, catering to the increasing demand for homeownership in the area. Another equally promising option is to revamp the existing structure and fully convert it into student housing, considering Clemson’s thriving and growing student population and the consistent demand for quality student accommodations. The decision will be made after thorough market research, community outreach, and expert consultation, ensuring the best value proposition for both the residents and investors. “This acquisition underscores Blue Ridge Asset Management’s commitment to identifying and realizing growth opportunities, always with an eye towards benefiting the community at large,” said Vick. For further details or to set up an interview with Taylor Vick, please contact: Hunter Murphy, About Blue Ridge Asset Management: Founded by Taylor Vick, Blue Ridge Asset Management is a leading real estate and investment firm, recognized for its relationship centered approach and commitment to driving value in every venture. With a deep-rooted understanding of market dynamics and a keen eye for opportunities, the firm continually delivers on its promise of long-term growth and value creation. www.


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