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Blue Ridge Continues Mission for Community Revitalization

What is Community Revitalization and how are we achieving it through our residential investment purchases?

For us, it's meant that when we purchase our communities and renovate the properties + maintain continued affordable living opportunities, we've heard the following from current community members:

• Improved values of neighboring homes as a result of our renovated properties

• Improved community structure with quality tenants and maintained properties

• Improved crime rates and neighborhood reputation with revitalized properties

• Invigorated sense of ownership for the community with the new curb appeal of properties

• Enhanced access to services such as uber, lift, taxi and delivery drivers as they feel safer entering revitalized communities

• Improved quality of living for all residents as community networking increases and support networks grow

• Increased quality of outdoor life as residents enjoy walking through and exploring the community

Overall, there's so much more to investing in local communities that truly changes the world we live in, one revitalized community at a time.


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